Myanmar companies bankroll ‘brutal operations’ of military, independent UN experts claim in new report  

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Money earned by the Myanmar military from international and domestic business deals, “substantially enhances its ability to carry out gross violations of human rights with impunity” according to a report released on Monday by an independent United Nations group looking into military-business ties in the South East Asian country. 

Diabetes in humanitarian crises: the Boston Declaration.

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Diabetes in humanitarian crises: the Boston Declaration. Kehlenbrink, S; Jaacks, M; Aebischer Perone, S; Ansbro, E; Ashbourne, E; Atkinson, C; Atkinson, M; Atun, R; Besancon, S; Boulle, P; Bygrave, H; Caballero, E; Cooper, K; Cristello, A; Digovich, K; Doocy, S; Ebrahim, S; Ewen, M; Goodman, D; Hamvas, L; Hassan, S; Hawkins, MA; Hehenkamp, A; Hunter, RF; Jenkins, D; Jobanputra, K; Kayden, S; Khan, Y; Kidy, F; Klatman, E; Lahens, L; Laing, R; Leaning, J; Le Feuvre, P; Lotchi-Yimagou, E; Luo, J; Lyons, G; McDonnell, ME; Meigs, J; Meyer, C; Miller, L; Moy, J; Mueller, K; Ogle, G; O'Laughlin, K; Park, P; Patel, P; Pfiester, E; Ratnayake, R; Reddy, A; Reed, T; Roberts, B; Robinson, P; Roy, K; Salti, N; Seiglie, J; Seita, A; Siesjo, V; Slama, S; Souris, KJ; Wispelwey, B; Yovic, S; Zaqqout, O; Zhao, M


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