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Ceremonial Magic


Ceremonial Magic is the creative practice of the new age of Aquarius. The activity of the aspiring disciple on the path of the third initiation is concentrated in it, the one that will free him from the dominion of Maya, from Astral glamor and from Mental illusion. The book explains, step by step, the procedure for building the thought-form that transforms a degraded behavior or attitude into its original archetype or value, thus raising its frequency. Ceremonial Magic belongs to the teaching of the 7th Ray which came to us through the writings of Lucille Cedercrans overshadowed by Master R. better known as the Count of Saint-Germain. It has been, for the first time, translated into a practical sequence to allow "world servers" to experiment and put it to good use, in order to renew the forms that are no longer sustainable for the evolution of Humanity. It is available to all honest spiritual researchers who, without prejudice, want to renew their techniques of personality integration and contact with the higher Planes, where the evolutionary Plan is known and served.

Topics covered:

Getting on the road 5 
What is Ceremonial Magic 7 
Lines of force 13 
The ideal model 19 
Values to pursue 31 
Matter, this unknown 43 
Elevate meanings 55 
Resistances 73 
The center of the Cave 95 
Sound Light Color Vibration + Action 101 
The creative sequence 107 
Creative Construction Meditation 131 
Other formulas of Ceremonial Magic 147 
Cyclic Meditation with the Values 163 
Homeopathic transmutation ritual 171 
The Ceremony of Life 175 
How to protect yourself from the 7th Ray crisis 189